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You have questions, we have answers!

If you don't see your question listed below, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to address it!

Artisan or Direct Sales Vendors

1) What is provided with the fee and how do I make payment?

  • It will depend on the venue the event is being held at. Typically you will receive either a 6' or 8' table and 2 chairs

  • Bare Canvas Events currently accepts payments through E-Transfer.

2) How much space do I get?

  • These shows are currently based on a table set up and NOT a booth set up so your space will be approximately 6' or 8' x 3' (depending on table provide) plus approx. 2' behind you and 2' around your table (depending on where you are placed on the floor plan.)

3) What type of advertising is done to promote these events?

  • Events are promoted through local and community websites as well as a variety of local and surrounding area Facebook pages. A Facebook campaign is created and launched for each event. Each vendor is recognized through the Bare Canvas Events Facebook and Instagram pages with "feature" promos and when appropriate, ads are placed in local community flyers. Also, when available, mobile signs are placed outside or near the venue to promote the event for 15-30 days before the event takes place.


4) Will I be the only vendor exhibiting my type of product? Ex. candles, soaps, jewellery etc...

  • Exclusivity is not guaranteed. If you are a direct sales vendor, there will NOT be another representative from the same company at the same event, however, there may be other vendors selling the same or similar type of products. For artisans and crafters, the same applies. We do our best to make sure that even though there may be other vendors with the same category of product, our goal is to have vendors with a variety of items that differ enough from one another to insure diversity in buying options for customers. Product categories are limited too in the fairness of our vendors so that no one category is over populated. 


5) Is hydro included?

  • Hydro is NOT included in your vendor fee however, is available at a minimal additional cost of $10 to secure a location with power. Because hydro spots are limited, this deters those who do not really need hydro from requesting it and allows availability to those who do.


6) Do you have a list I can be added to for future events?

  • Email Sandy at and request to be added to the vendor list. Please provide your full name, business name and email address in order to be added.


7) How many vendors will be at the event?

  • The number of vendors will depend on the venue the event is being held at and what their capacity is.


8) Can I bring my own table and signs etc..

  • Your fee includes a table and chairs so there is no need to provide your own. We do not allow this as it causes chaos in the set up process. If you plan on using extra items such as additional tables (provided by us), floor signage, racks etc. there may be an additional cost which is at the discretion of Bare Canvas Events. Please let us know what you require in the application process so we can accommodate your needs appropriately.


9) Why can't I choose my own table spot?

  • The floor plan is created once all vendors are booked for an event. The layout is dependent on the types of vendors booked, space needed and requests made during the application process. The floor plan is released a few days before the event date in case changes must be made due to cancellations etc...


10) Can I share a table with another vendor?

  • We do not allow two vendors to share one table. This arrangement becomes too complicated and is confusing for the customers. You can request to have a spot next to another vendor, however, one table cannot be shared by two separate businesses. 


Notes for Food Vendors


  • You must have a food handlers certificate

  • You must fill out paper work for the health department of the region the event is taking place in.

  • You must be approved by the health department to participate in our events.

  • You may be contacted by a representative from the health department to answer questions or for a site visit.

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