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You have questions, we have answers!

If you don't see your question listed below, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to address it!

Private or Corporate Events

1) How do I begin the process of planning my event?

  • Fill out the special events questionnaire linked here. Once reviewed, you will receive an email with next steps which will be a phone or in person meeting.

2) How involved in the planning do I need to be?

  • It is important for the client to be involved in the planning process? We will begin with outlining the expectations and needs of the event then follow up with questions or event updates as needed. 

3) How do I make payments?

  • Bare Canvas Events currently accepts payments through E-Transfer.


4) How long will it take to plan my event?

  • This depends entirely on the scope of the event? Larger corporate events may take a few months to plan where a family birthday celebration may take a few weeks. You will get a better picture of how long it will take once you speak with Sandy (the organizer).


5) How large should my budget be?

  • Again, this depends on the size and complexity of the event. You should have a range in mind on what size budget you are comfortable with and know what details are a "must" and which details are a "nice to have"


6) How is the event planning fee determined?

  • Following consultation with the client, Bare Canvas Events will compile an event planning quote for evaluation. This quote will include the costing of all relevant items discussed including venue rental, catering, decor, etc. A 20% event planning fee will be added to this amount.


7) What is included in the fee?

  • The fee includes; event design and booking - rentals, decor, invitations, photography, food options etc... 


8) Is a damage deposit required?

  • Bare Canvas Events does collect a refundable damage deposit of 30% of your event budget. This amount will be refunded back to the client within 14 days after the event has taken place if no damage is caused.


9) What is your refund policy?

  • Our refund policy is as follows:​ 

The booking deposit of $150.00 (retained once the contract is signed) is non refundable. ​

If the event is cancelled within 7 days of making your first deposit, that deposit will be refunded in full.

Any cancellations between 7 and 14 days after your first deposit, will result in a 60% refund to the client.

Any cancellations made after 14 days will no longer be entitled to a refund.

Any non refundable payments made to third party vendors and suppliers within the first 14 days will not be refunded to the client.

10) What can I, as a client, expect from Bare Canvas Events ?

  • You can expect a professional and friendly experience. We will do everything we can do ensure your event runs smoothly and that your desired outcome is achieved. You can also expect regular communication with the organizer to keep you up to date on the progress of your event.

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